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CV Advice

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Writing a Great CV

Writing a good CV is the starting point in any job hunting process. Getting it right is tough. Many potential employers will often spend only a very short time ‘scanning’ CV’s.

Keep your CV clear and concise, a clean layout with your skills and experience makes it easy to read (not buried in ‘too much’ information).

Make good use of appropriate power words; evaluated, calculated, budgeted, formulated, improved, maximized, increased, generated etc, etc.

Show an employer that you are different from the other applicants, demonstrate your skills and achievements.

Keep your CV updated, don’t miss any new skills or recent achievements, but remember be concise, don’t be afraid to remove information that’s no longer relevant (or not relevant to the job you are applying for).

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CV Mistakes

When preparing your CV make sure that it is targeted to the job you are applying for. Don’t simply use a generic CV you have prepared, you may have to tweak the content, wording or layout depending on the position you are applying for.

Target your keywords and skills for the position you are applying for, don’t sell yourself short by missing the keywords and skills they are looking for.

Proof read your CV. Don’t rely on spell check. Read and check for spelling and correct use of grammar, then ask someone else to check it for you. Simple errors could let you down.

CV Templates

cv template image for job hunting

Basic CV

The most popular type of CV showing a reverse chronological order of career history and development along with educational information and skills.

Perfect for highlighting your progression and skills over time.

cv template image for job hunting

First Job CV Template

If you have recently left High School or University and looking for your first job, this may be your preferred CV, focusing on your educational achievements & skills.

Include any work experience training / placements, part time jobs or team sports involvements.

cv template image for job hunting

More CV

More CV templates will be added here over time.

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