IP Executive Covid-19 UPDATE - We are now back in the Rotherham office as of Monday 15th June
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Why Choose Us?

Having professionally trained staff with expertise and experience in your sector is just one of our many qualities. We possess a wealth of knowledge across a very broad spectrum of commerce and industry, which ultimately benefits both you as the client, and all of our applicants. Our personalised, tailor-made approach to our work, ensures each and every person involved in our business, receives the right solution for them specifically.

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All of our applicants are subject to strict and rigorous screening and selection procedures, based on the latest technology, legislation, and needs of our client base, meaning that both they, and you, benefit from streamlined matching and no-one’s precious time is wasted – we are at the forefront of recruitment innovation and industry knowledge.

Our specialist in-house HR facility, enables us to add real value to your business in a number of ways. Some clients do not have their own dedicated HR department to deal with the variable demands of recruitment, contract law, disciplinary matters and attrition etc. We are able to offer a full or partial service to meet any and all needs of this nature, our services being based on the most recent case law and legislative changes.

Whether you require permanent, contract, or temporary staff, our comprehensive range of service expertise will provide you with cost effective solutions. We will never over promise, and are always honest about our capabilities; managing client expectations is a key contributor to our success.  We are in it for the long haul, some of our clients have been with us for over 25 years!

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