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Your relationship with your boss can make or break your time at your job. If you have a good relationship with your boss, then your working life will be pleasant, whereas, if you don’t have a good relationship, your working life may be a little more challenging to say the least. Many people are afraid to stand up to their bosses as they fear the repercussions of their actions or are scared that they could jeopardise their jobs.

Maybe your boss is being hostile, and the way that they are making you feel is having an effect on your work. Signs of hostility from your boss can include intimidation, ridicule and yelling.

If you want to confront the issue, you have to choose the right moment in which to do so. Don’t confront your boss in front of everyone. This is just going to make your boss think that you are trying to undermine them, and it’s not going to be a great start to the situation. Try and schedule a meeting where you can both sit down in private to discuss your working relationship. Also, try and make sure that your boss isn’t in a bad mood, and that you are also in the right frame of mind for this conversation. If you are both in negative mindsets, then the conversation is more than likely to turn negative.

Practice what you want to say to them beforehand. Make sure that you have clear objectives of what you want to discuss with them and have examples ready of times that they have been hostile towards you, or situations in which you didn’t feel comfortable. Also, make sure that by the end of the discussion, you have reached the outcome that you wanted, your boss understands it and has listened to what you have said. If they have not taken in what you have said and continue to act the same, you should maybe escalate this further to their manager or HR. Always try and have a discussion with your boss first though, as just mentioning it to them could resolve the situation.

It may be awkward at first, but one awkward encounter is better than not enjoying your work, and you never know, the conversation could improve your whole working life!

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