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In the current economic climate, job security is a concern for many workers. To make this less of a worry, here are a few things that could help make you become indispensable at work. Employers want to see extra skills and qualities from you, that prove you’re an excellent and dedicated worker.

Gain a skill that only you possess in the office. If you go to learn a new skill in your own time, it shows to your employer that you have the desire to learn and proves you’re a hard worker. It also means that when people need that skill, you are the only person that they can go to for help.

Go the extra mile at work. It’s all well and good being a decent worker and sticking by the rules and your job role, but someone who goes the extra mile will come in early and stay late to get their work done on time, and take on extra jobs to help their co-workers. This sort of commitment and doing more than what is expected of you is recognised and noticed by your boss and will make you more indispensable than others.

Monopolize an important relationship at work. Whether this be with a client of yours, or a senior member of staff that you work with. If a client or senior figure trusts you more than your co-workers, you will become far more indispensable. You also have to be a good team player at work. Being a team player will not only help your working relationship with your co-workers, but it also looks good to your employer if a co-worker comes to you for help. If you help your co-workers, they can help you in return when you need it.

Not being reliable or trustworthy can definitely affect whether your boss sees you as indispensable or not. An employer isn’t going to have a second thought when it comes to saving the job between someone who is trustworthy and someone who hasn’t been in the past.

Hopefully these few suggestions can give you an idea on how to become more indispensable at work.

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